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June 13, 2005

The Manor is doing some summer renovations to get ready for our anniversary! Please pardon our dust!

For those who enjoyed the World and Funny News, it hasn't disappeared. We've added it to our menu above on it's own page and will be making more renovations to it in the coming days.

Server Move

July 22, 2005

In our continuing quest to serve you better, we are refurbishing several sections of the Manor. Please pardon our dust!

July 16, 2005

Another 9 Disney Wallpapers are now available in our Disney Wallpaper Gallery, bringing the total to 121.

June 24, 2005

9 Disney Wallpapers added in our Disney Wallpaper Gallery

June 18, 2005

We are currently testing out once again the feed from DesignArena which features 1000+ Photoshop Tutorials. They have revamped their offering and we are presenting it here to you. Visit the 1000+ Photoshop Tutorials now! :)

June 9, 2005

We successfully moved over to our new home at WNCWebhosting.com which has been awesome in helping us with this difficult move. The Manor highly recommends that if you need hosting, these are the guys to talk to.


3 New Disney Wallpapers

3 more wallpapers were added to the Disney Photo Wallpaper Section.

Star Wars comes to the Manor

May 27, 2005

Now you can pick up some out of the world gifts from the newest sensation from LucasFilms, Revenge of the Sith, including posters, T-Shirts and figurines! Check it out!


We have added a new Arcade Game, MiniClip Rally, in the Manor's Arcade, which features 100+ games! Enjoy!

Ask the Gypsy!

May 26, 2005

Our resident psychic has taken up shop right next door to the Manor and is eager to tell your fortune! So pay her a visit and she what she answers about life's most important questions for FREE! A fun way to spend a few minutes!

Disney Wallpapers Reach 100!

May 25, 2005

With the addition of 10 more pictures, we now have 100 Disney Wallpaper images. This installment features Cinderella Castle, Darth Vader (from the AFI Showcase), Disney MGM Studios and more.

Scary Tales & Celeb News

May 11, 2005

We are running a bit late this month in updating as our webmaster has been ill, but we hope you enjoy these two new features.

Scary tales tells bi-weekly stories from real people like you about creepy events in their life.

Celeb News is the latest daily news feed from TV Now with all the latest gossip!

Get Your Daily Horoscopes Here

April 30, 2005

The Fortune Teller has arrived to tell you the future, so check what she has to say in the Seance Room of the Manor.

Also in the Wallpaper Gallery, more images have been added to our collection from EPCOT, Disney MGM and other shots.

7 New Disney Wallpapers

April 15, 2005

Pictures of the Haunted Mansion, Disney MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom and more.

Music and Movie Posters Available

Thanks to our friends at AllPosters.com, we now have Music and Movie Posters available for sale. A great way to support the Manor and get some wonderful posters for yourself, friends and family.

7 New Disney Wallpapers

April 15, 2005

Pictures of the Haunted Mansion, Disney MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom and more.

6 New Games in the Arcade

April 12, 2005

Pearl Diver, Space Escape, XRaye, Disc Golf, Hostile Skies and Verti Golf 2 make their debut in our shockwave arcade!

10 New Images in Disney Wallpaper

April 7, 2005

Pictures of Figment, Cinderella Castle, Various Disney-MGM images, and more...We are up to 67 now and more will be added!

Red Bishop Birds have Arrived in Downloads

April 3, 2005

Songbirds are once again revisited by Aryeguetta in the form of four Red Bishops. As always, they are wonderful additions for the Daz songbird

Amadinas in Downloads

March 31, 2005

Aryeguetta has created 3 more birds for your Daz Songbird collection. The Amadinas, which include 2 Cut Throat Finches and 1 Red Headed Finch. We hope you enjoy them and as always, thank Aryeguetta for providing these to us.

Disney Wallpaper Updated to 57 images

March 30, 2005

We've added another 10 images to our Disney Photography Wallpaper section in our weekly updates to these images. Hope you enjoy them.

New 3D Render in Film & TV

March 30, 2005

A Dream is a Wish...

Java Sparrows in Downloads

Aryeguetta sent us a new set of Java Sparrows for the Daz Songbird. We would like to thank Aryeguetta once again for the generosity and allowing the Manor to host these beautiful birds.

10 Images Added to Disney Wallpaper

March 30, 2005

10 New Images added to Disney Wallpaper including images from One Man's Dream, Epcot, Festival of the Lion King, Animal Kingdom and more...

New Bird Texture/Character in Downloads

Once again, the Manor is proud to host the Quelea Finch character and texture by Aryeguetta for the Daz Songbird.

21 New Pictures in Disney Wallpaper

Adding to our growing collection of Disney Photography Wallpaper (taken by ShadowWind), we offer a total of 36 wallpapers for you to enjoy, all 1024x768. We will be adding new ones every week.

Two New Free Items in Downloads

The Manor is proud to host the wonderful texture and characters based on the Daz Songbird, the Zebra Finch and Dead Sea Sparrow by Aryeguetta. We thank the artist for allowing us to host these beautiful items.

Two New Pictures added to ShadowWind's Gallery

days of prohibition at the great movie ride at walt disney world   the liberty belle steam wheeler at walt disney world

Two new photographs have been added to the Photography Gallery

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