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The year that Halloween Town had a great election!

the great halloween debate

Was a short time ago, much shorter than it seems
In a place that was perhaps seen in our dreams.
For in Halloweentown, or so I've been told
An election was held since ages of old.

Jack Skellington wasn't frightened, not even a bit,
For his opponent was considered a bit of twit.
Still a lot of folks liked old Bob Pumpkin a lot.
Which made the polls closer than old Jack had thought.

They argued about who was best for the job,
Calling eachother a snit, a slacker, a snob.
Jack hated this division, his mind rang with noise,
Halloween was important for the girls and the boys.

Still he had to win, the competition the thing,
And so he dug in with his own campaign fling.
He traveled the country, showing great flair.
That he could bring the humans a very good scare.

But during the debate, a topic arose.
One he'd almost forgotten while choosing his prose.
Jack turned Halloween into Christmas, a scandal indeed.
Bob reminded the folks that is not what they need.

Old Jack just smiled, remembering that day,
When he got to ride in old Santa's sleigh.
Then he turned to his opponent with much venom and said,
"What would pumpkins know? They have seeds in their head."

The battle raged on for a night and a day,
Soon it was time to vote and give folks their say.
They voted in record numbers, though no one had stats,
They just figured the count from the number of spats.

The citizens counted the votes quickly you see,
Except for those lost by the powers that be.
In the end Old Jack won, but not by a lot.
And Bob conceded the election with a bit of a snot.

Jack ruled no more elections, they were nasty and cold.
They made his citizens yell, do violence and scold.
He made Bob his partner and they worked for some years,
and the kingdom was happy and they brought lots of fears.

Though Jack was king, he was part of the clan,
and he listened to others and considered their plan.
He needn't rule or think himself great
They were in it together, lockstepped by fate.

The moral of this story is as it seems,
It doesn't matter who wins if you still have your dreams.
Hold onto your friends, don't lose them in fight,
Because after it's over, you'll still need their light.


Jack Skellington is a character from Nightmare Before Christmas (C) Disney


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